Feel like new with a nuru massage in Madrid

If Madrid is known for something, it is because it is one of the cities with the greatest economic potential worldwide, although precisely with the aim of taking advantage of this characteristic, its citizens tend to be subject to great burdens of anxiety and/or stress due to the incessant work they have to perform. If this is also your case and you want to recharge all your energies in the best possible way, the nuru massage done in the Spanish capital is ideal for you.

What is nuru massage and how did it originate?

In Japan there is an abundance of seaweed known as Sphaerotrichia divaricata. Specifically, in Kawasaki, a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, in previous years an enormous quantity of this natural element was found, whose properties were exploited when different products were created. One of them was known as nuru gel.

This substance did not give off any kind of smell and, in addition, it showed a completely neutral colour, making transparent the parts of the body on which it was applied. These characteristics are still present in the case of acquiring a nuru gel that boasts great purity.

After the excellent results registered both in Kawasaki and in the rest of Japan this discipline of erotic massages did not take long to cross borders and ended up arriving in Spain. Specifically in the capital of the country is carried out following to the letter the oriental massage method that is the most beneficial.

The first thing to do before starting the session is to undress next to the erotic masseuse. This action is essential, since the bodies of both will end up coming into direct contact, creating a multitude of positive stimuli that will please you.

Although the bodily factor is of great importance, the mental aspect is not left behind, since as in any variant of tantric massage, the psychological terrain is important. In this case the massage therapist is in charge of creating a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere, entailing that in a state of submission you let yourself receive the incessant rubbing of their respective body merging with yours.

Since there is such direct contact with your most intimate and manly parts, as happens with lingam massage, the lubrication of the area is fundamental, carried out on this occasion with the previously mentioned nuru gel whose viscosity is perfect to provide mobility to body areas of enormous sensitivity.

The similarities with other tantric variants do not end here. And it is that, for example, the discipline nuru reminds the yoni massage in the sense that it can also satisfy the women without it having to carry the reach of the moment of climax. What is sought is rather the excitement of all the senses, more than achieved by having next to you an attractive body of both man and woman, depending on what you prefer.

This is what a nuru massage in Madrid is like

When you contact the agency you are offered the possibility of choosing between several nuru masseurs. You will then be shown the address to which you must go, although with more than 600 square kilometres of surface it is undeniable that travelling in Madrid can be tedious. This is why you have the additional option of requesting that the professional be present at your location.

It doesn’t have to be your usual home, but the alternative that consists of contracting an erotic massage at a hotel is also popular, opting for the nuru discipline whose benefits will not take long to take hold of you remaining lying in the comfortable bed of Madrid’s accommodation. You can book your massage clicking here now.

Certainly all the massages that give off sensuality are positive for men and women, but with this discipline goes further using not only the hands of the girl or male massage therapist, but also the other parts that make up his beautiful body to make you participate in a session that will eliminate any loophole of stress so that you only feel pleasure at a physical and mental level.

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