Sensual and Tantric Massages in Madrid

Art Massage Madrid is our name, and the art of erotic massage is our speciality. We have over 7 years’ experience as an erotic and Tantric massage agency in Madrid and pride ourselves on our professionalism and high standards. We guarantee that you will find all of our massages highly pleasurable and ensure you total satisfaction with our services. We have made a name for ourselves by meticulously selecting our erotic masseuses in Madrid and male masseurs. More importantly, they are given unparalleled training by renowned specialist and Tantric master Gerard Ribó.

Tantra Masseuses in Madrid

Our professionals are skilled in the mysterious secrets of Tantric and erotic massage, secrets that our tantra masseuses and male masseurs have been taught in a series of training and professionalization courses of Tantra. This means that each and every one of them is in a constant process of evolution in the many aspects of Tantra. For example, the correct practise of body-to-body techniques, ways to stimulate the erogenous zones using our different senses, the proper use of Tantric postures, the best ways to channel sexual energy, as well as endless other facets of Tantra that allow you to experience the most intimate of pleasures in both body and mind, reaching levels that you are probably not even aware of yet. Additionally, we finish our Tantric massages with extraordinary and secret techniques passed on by Tantric masters such as Lingam massage (male genital massage) and Yoni massage (female genital massage).

Outcall Massage Madrid – Lingam and Yoni Massage

At Art Massage Madrid we offer you:

  • The opportunity to take our courses in Tantrism and Erotic Massage
  • The freedom to share any fantasies that you may have with us
  • The option of receiving your tantra massage in Madrid at our centre or in your hotel room
  • Highly professional and personalized services
  • A reservation service so that you can choose your preferred day and time
  • A wide choice of erotic massages to choose from
  • A team of erotic masseuses to suit your preferences
  • VIP deals for exclusive customers with special services
  • Private Tantric Parties

Our veteran tantra masseuses have become quite distinguished thanks to all the experience that they have gained over the last 7 years compared to our more novice masseuses. We have three levels of training for our tantric masseuses: Initiated, Advanced and Devis. Masseuses at all three levels have all studied basic training and specialization with our Tantric master Gerard Ribó, so it is important to remember that even Initiated masseuses provide the highest quality service that you can find.

Erotic Massage for Couples in Madrid

We are a unique erotic massage agency, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the art of Tantra massage. We take every aspect into account in order to ensure that you experience the perfection of an exotic massage and exquisite, bespoke service. To this end, we take great care both when selecting our erotic masseuses and with their continued training. We use a rigorous and meticulous process to build a team of highly qualified Tantric masseuses. When selecting candidates, some of the most important aspects that we consider are:

  • Physical appearance: it is essential to have an attractive body, as well as dressing appropriately and elegantly.
  • Healthy lifestyle: taking caring of your body, both inside and out, is the key to staying in shape and improving yourself as a person. It follows that absolute hygiene is also a must.
  • Good manners: details make all the difference, so we make sure that our therapists know how to behave well and treat you in the manner you deserve. Naturally, they also exercise total discretion when visiting you at your hotel.
  • Sensuality: a sensual woman certainly knows how to enjoy herself and please those around her. She can transform a sexual massage into a dance of sensations transmitted through her hands and her body.
  • Meditation and concentration: meditation allows our masseuses to empty their mind of any thoughts that may alter the delivery, dedication or sensuality that you expect when you book an erotic hotel massage in Madrid. Concentration keeps us in the here and now, ensuring that your masseuse is connected to each and every one of the movements and sensations that you feel.
  • Attitude: the last and the most important factor. Understandably, when starting out, some of our new masseurs may only reach the minimum required level in some of these aspects, but with motivation and determination they always improve and become experts.

Male Masseurs in Madrid

Although candidates may be chosen for possessing these qualities, after being selected they have to refine their skills further by attending our training Tantra courses before they can officially become part of our team of young girls. This is why we are confident that even our Initiation level masseuses can offer you total satisfaction and service of the highest quality.

Likewise, our male masseurs are also selected using the same criteria of sensuality, beauty, attitude and professionalism. They too follow a full training programme so that they can guarantee the most pleasurable and rewarding experience possible, to both men and women, also for couples massage. What is more, you can request both a male masseur and an erotic masseuse, an ideal option for an erotic massage with your partner.

Treat yourself to one of our many outcall massages in Madrid with one of our masseuses. You could also take one of our Tantric massage courses with our most experienced male masseurs and Tantric master Gerard Ribó. The courses are for individuals, couples or groups. You could also opt to take one of our Tantric massage courses Madrid, taught either individually, as a couple or in group sessions by our most experienced masseurs and by Tantric master Gerard Ribó.  Remember to ask for details of our regular private Tantric parties. If you have any questions, please contact us at our agency.

* Please note that our massage therapists are not prostitutes. No massage includes oral sex or any kind of sexual intercourse and at no time may clients touch the therapist´s genitals. Please understand these points.

*Our masseuses and masseurs are not outcall escort Madrid or prostitutes. None of the massages include oral sex or any kind of sexual act. The genitals of our male masseurs and female masseuses cannot be touched under any circumstances. Please, follow these rules.


Our tantric masseuse in Madrid are experts professionals therapists in the art of massage for men, couples massage and massage for women. Available 24h for outcall massage, and incall massage.


Professionals male therapists in the art of erotic massage for men, massage for couples and massage for women. Beauty, elegancy, sexyness, bodywork, discretion, massage training, empathy and talent.


We perform our tantra massage in your hotel room, you can enjoy them on a physical, mental and energetic level. Choose the type of massage you want with among all our specialties. Descontracting Massage, Relax Express Massage, Delight Tantra Massage, Intensity Summum Massage, Exclusive Deluxe Massage. Or if you prefer, couples massage and four hands massage. Available for outcall at your hotel massage or in our massage center in Madrid.