Tantric Masseuses and Massage Tantra Madrid

We are pleased to introduce you to our team of erotic masseuses all of whom have been instructed in the art of Tantra. Their professionalism is the cornerstone of our agency, so we have developed a continuous training programme for all of our tantric masseuses in Madrid and male masseurs, regardless of their level of experience. All our training is carried out and endorsed by renowned Tantric master Gerard Ribó. We always bear your comments and possible recommendations in mind, as your experience with our erotic masseuses is, after all, the best way to evaluate them and help them to improve further. We have a small team of masseuses, as we prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity, and select team members with diverse personalities and traits so that you have a variety to choose from. Despite their differences, we also ensure that all of our sensual masseuses share the key strengths of quality and excellence that characterize our agency.

There are three levels of erotic masseuses in our team, based on their level of learning, dexterity and experience:

Initiated: this level is for our erotic masseuses who have received and passed our basic training, once we have checked that she meets the minimum level of excellence required to work at our agency. Even though this is just the first level, at this stage our tantric masseuses are qualified to offer service and attention greatly superior to that of any other erotic massage agency in Madrid.

Advanced: this level is for our erotic masseuses who are constantly learning and improving by studying different advanced Tantra courses in erotic and Tantric massage.  Their evolution goes beyond the purely professional into personal growth, as they learn advanced massage, Yoni massage in Madrid, Lingam massage, meditation and introspection techniques.

Devi: this is the highest level for our most experienced erotic and sexual masseuses who have mastered different Tantric massage and meditation techniques perfectly. At this point in their development they are sufficiently qualified to practise any of these massages or even to teach courses or initiate individuals, couples or groups who want to learn the art of Tantra massage.

Outcall Massage Madrid – Male Masseurs

Bear in mind that no matter what level they have attained, all of our erotic masseuses are constantly evolving; we are fully committed to the quality of our services and we believe that even a master can carry on learning. It is precisely because we are so committed to our standards of excellence that we decided to keep our team of Tantric masseuses small and  focus on giving exceptional training to the candidates we have chosen to be part of our erotic massage  agency. We recommend booking ahead to make sure that you can experience and enjoy our luxury massage services. We also appreciate any opinions that you may have about the service and attention you received and listen to constructive criticism with the aim of improving our services.

*Our masseuses and masseurs are not outcall escort Madrid or prostitutes. None of the massages include oral sex or any kind of sexual act. The genitals of our male masseurs and female masseuses cannot be touched under any circumstances. Please, follow these rules.