Young Masseuses, why do men prefer young women?

Young Masseuses in Madrid for Erotic Massage

Let’s face it, men like young women. Even as eye candy, men just like looking at girls. There is a huge worldwide industry that stands testament to that fact: glamour magazines, Page 3 girls, adult women dressing up as schoolgirls, young masseuses giving erotic massage or Tantra massage, etc.

We all age physically but our feeling of self doesn’t change, someone may look 40 years old but feel like they’re still 20. What we find physically attractive in the first urges of youth we continue to find attractive, even though our bodies age; chasing that first rush of love, which was generally at some point in high school, or the student in class with a crush on the teacher.

Outcall Massage in Madrid by Erotic Masseuses

Apart from the pure aesthetics, men are hardwired to be attracted to fertility, and female fertility is affected by age. Curves, hips, breasts and young healthy skin are all sexually attractive features that suggest a ripe and fertile mate. Men’s fertility is not affected by age in the same way, even with age they are biologically able to create endless children.

Women have one chance a month to reproduce and if successful, they will be out of the game for nine months, whereas men could potentially continue to impregnate girl with no biological restrictions.

Although women are also attracted to aesthetic beauty, girls are playing far higher stakes when it comes to pregnancy. Women perhaps have a greater set of parameters when choosing a partner and will often trade beauty for personality and positive character traits or, in some cases, for an older, wealthier man who can provide financially.

Male Masseurs in Madrid for Yoni Massage

Gone are the days of men hunting to provide for the tribe and fighting to protect the women and children from pillagers but our animal instincts and biological make-up remains. The traditional idea of modern masculinity is that in order to feel like men, men must be protectors and providers. Younger women appear more vulnerable perhaps to an older man and men are attracted to vulnerability, as it offers the feeling of power to provide or protect, to feel masculine.

Although there are animal urges inside each and every one of us, we are not actually animals, we have evolved.  Sex has also evolved beyond penetration, orgasms and babies.

Human contact is critical for our health and stress and loneliness have been proven to be far more damaging than a lifetime of smoking. There are many forms of human connection that promote physical and psychological wellness, for example therapeutic massage, erotic outcall massage or tantra are some of the most enjoyable forms of relaxation.

Lingam Massage in Madrid for Men by Young Girls

For men, what better way to relax than a Nuru massage with a beautiful young masseuse? It is often the man with the high pressure, stressful job that will frequent the city’s massage parlours in Barcelona where you can find young elegant girls offering sensual lingam massages and body-to-body massages.

In long term partnerships, sex is the ‘glue’ in a relationship and bodily contact, massage or Tantric sex fulfils our deeper, spiritual, conscious togetherness. To feel at one with a younger woman makes older men feel young in themselves – and to feel young is to feel carefree.  However, when our partners are many years younger than us it is more difficult to find the same meaningful connections than with someone of the same age group who shares similar tastes, interests, cultural history etc.

So, if a man is looking for short-term, carefree fun, young may be the way to go. For example, a Tantric massage with a young and slim masseuse is the perfect way to relax and improve your wellbeing and an extraordinary and memorable experience. If, however, a man is looking for deeper, long-lasting love, it is probably best to partner with someone born in the same decade.

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