Tantric Massage in Madrid, Striptease and Pole Dance

The art of seduction is important to any sexual relationship between lovers. Whether you have been together six months or six years, it is always fun to explore sexuality together to strengthen intimacy and spark continued interest in each other. Learn how to seduce your partner with erotic massage, striptease and pole dancing and enjoy the benefits of heightened lust.

Erotic Massage, Tantra Masseuses and Male Masseurs in Madrid

There are many different types of massage and most importantly there are erotic massages. A sexual massage is aimed towards releasing built up tension and stress within the body which can increase the receivers of well-being. The end goal of erotic touch is not necessarily orgasm or ejaculation but it can help couples to focus on the pleasurable sensations of the experience. Exploring your partner’s body can bring you closer together and enhance passion.

The Lingam or Penis Massage consists of the giver honouring the natural sensations and stimulation of the penis through massage of the shaft, testicles, perineum and external prostate. Yoni or Vagina Massage stems from honouring, loving and respecting the natural stimulating sensations of the vagina through touch. It is a wonderful way for the giver to help build respect and trust of the receiver. Tantra is often referred to as the ‘science of ecstasy’ which involves the concentration of sexual awareness and spirituality between the giver and the receiver. The focus of the receiver is on the experience and meeting their personal well-being needs as the practice is about following feelings of relaxation.

If the idea of an erotic couples massage excites and inspires curiosity, you and your partner can indulge in a tantric session with professionally trained masseuses and male masseurs at Art Massage Madrid. Your therapists will adapt the intensity of the session according to the needs and desires of a couple to create an unforgettable experience. A Tantra massage is stimulating and increases sexual energy, ideal for intimacy and warming up for sex later. There are also specialized workshops you can attend with your lover to learn the secrets of Tantric and erotic massage www.artmassagemadrid.com.

Pole Dance in Madrid

Pole dance is an athletic and artistic discipline that combines fitness with dance using a vertical bar as an element. Pole fitness is more focused on excising the entire body for not just fitness, but also for strength, endurance and flexibility. Pole dance focuses of the artistic aspects of the activity and stands out for sensuality in movements. The turns and combinations performed show not just strength and resistance but accentuate more the sensuality, the flexibility, the interpretation and the musicality. This art form is suitable for all people of varying ages and fitness levels who want to explore new aspects of the sensuality and character. At Flow Pole Dance in Madrid, there are a variety of classes to choose from with varying intensities based on your personal level. To learn about their lessons, workshops, schedules and rates, visit them on the web at www.escuelapole.es.

Striptease in Madrid

A striptease is an erotic or exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses, either partly or completely, in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner. It is a fun form of sexual play between partners, and can be performed by both men and women. The emphasis of the dance is on the act of disrobing and exciting your partner, and you can choose to wear as much or as little clothing as desired, and can even don themed or fantasy outfits. A great way to further entice your lover is to encourage him or her to help remove clothing, or you can approach and interact with your partner as you move suggestively. The key to any striptease is confidence above all else. This is an erotic expression between you and your partner, a way to enhance you sexual desires for each other. Also important to remember is to set the mood through ambience and choose music that encourages you to move and has plenty of rhythm. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a prop such as a chair into the routine in which you can either dance on alone, or have your partner sit back and dance around him or her, including a few moves on their lap. Remove your clothing item by item as you go, but keep a pacing so as to not end up nude too soon. When it comes to sensuality and foreplay, savour the moment and make it last.

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